Be a part of the craze sweeping the Nation with high intensity, low impact cardio workouts.

Ditch the treadmill and jump around to experience the benefits of our trampolines!

Our structured exercise classes are designed for 16 year olds and over to burn away fat whilst toning and defining muscle.

Choose between our Jump and Tone and Circuits classes for maximum results!

We use the Park’s facilities to set up a series of exercise stations. Our circuits class is designed to test both your cardio and strength for an all-round challenge. You’ll move around each station and workout different muscle groups throughout this high intensity class.

Jump and Tone
A high intensity, low impact class designed to help you burn calories, have fun and jump along to the beat. This class will help build stamina, strength and core muscles!

6 – 6.45pm Jump and Tone
7 – 7.45pm Jump and Tone

6 – 6.45pm Jump and Tone
7 – 7.45pm Circuits

9.15am Circuits

*Please note session times may vary out of term time